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With so many different options, deciding on the right health insurance can be confusing. But with the changing laws and the cost of healthcare on the rise, you can't afford to take chances with the health of you and your family members. If an accident or illness strikes, paying high medical costs out of your own pocket can be a financial disaster. If your employer does not offer an adequate health benefit package, or you are self employed, unemployed, retired, or a student, we can help you sort through the different insurance options.  Whether this means we apply through MNsure, or sign up directly through the insurance company, we are determined to help you find a plan that best suits your insurance needs.

Although plans differ, they basically cover most medical, surgical, and hospital expenses and can cover prescription drugs.

We’ve been helping people just like you identify and purchase their individual health, dental and life insurance for over twenty years. The increasing complexity of the healthcare system has only strengthened our enthusiasm for helping our customers shop for the right health insurance plan.

Contact us by phone or by using the online quote request form for more information about your options.